Clay Roof Tiles Cardiff

For clay roof tiles Cardiff, contact Huw Bolderson Roofing Merchants. We supply a wide range of clay tiles, from a number of manufacturers. We are proud to supply some of the best clay tile brands on the market including; Sandtoft and Marley Eternit.

We ensure that we only supply the very best clay tiles, so our customers can be sure that they are investing in quality tiles that have been designed to last a life time. Our manufacturers provide a comprehensive range of different styles of clay tiles. Therefore, we can supply tiles to suit both the traditional and modern style property.

Sandtoft Clay Tiles

Here at Huw Bolderson, we have been Sandtoft’s main supplier in South & West Wales for over forty years. Sandtoft produces the most diverse and innovative range of tiles and slates in the UK. With over 100 years heritage, Sandtoft has a natural feel for roofing that sets the company apart from others. They differ from other companies due to their ground-breaking innovation and ability to constantly work above and beyond industry standards.

Here at Huw Bolderson Roofing Merchants, we supply the following Sandtoft tiles:

  • Rivius
  • Cassius
  • 20/20
  • Humber
  • Modula

Sandtoft is the market leader, with the widest range of natural clay tiles available. The range covers traditional pantiles and plain tiles, plus a ground-breaking range of new generation clay tiles. Sandtoft have a long-term commitment to investment, innovation and craftmanship. Therefore, making them an unrivalled clay tile company whose products stretch from traditional to ground-breaking designs.

All the clay tiles at Huw Bolderson, are manufactured to the latest environmental standards using natural alluvial Humber clay. Once fired, this clay creates a highly durable material in rich colours that will never fade.

Koramic Modula Clay Tiles
Sandtoft logo
Sandtoft County Natural Red
Koramic Amarant Clay Tiles

All clay tiles in our Koramic range are rated ‘A+’ under the BRE Green Guide to Specification. Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that all Koramic clay roof tiles offer maximum durability and optimum colour consistency. All products in this range are manufactured in energy efficient kilns to comply with the requirements of BS EN 1304. In addition, each product meets the performance requirements of BS 5534.

However, our self-imposed requirements and additional testing are always far stricter than even these standards. This is because, we want to provide our customers with the highest quality Koramic tiles possible.

Sandtoft Koramic Clay Range

Here at Huw Bolderson, we are delighted to be able to offer a range of Koramic clay tiles. The manufacturer Sandtoft, comes under the Weinerberger Group of companies. Sandtoft Koramic tiles have a pedigree that stretches back 125 years. The Sandtoft clay tiles range includes a variety of colours and finishes to suit your project. In addition, the range includes various styles, including Flat Interlocking tiles, machine made Plain Tiles, Roman tiles and Pantiles.

Koramic Modula Clay Tiles

Marley Eternit Clay Tiles

Marley Eternit is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of clay tiles. The extensive range that we supply at Huw Bolderson, contains plain and interlocking tiles with texture and colour options. Each of our tiles, meet the aesthetic and performance demands of all types of roofing applications.

All Marley Eternit clay tiles received a ‘Very Good’ rating for BES 6001. This being the framework for the ‘Responsible Sourcing of Construction Materials’. Marley Eternit truly can provide the best clay systems for your roofing needs. Therefore, at Huw Bolderson, we take pride in supplying these high-quality products. With the guarantees and ratings given to Marley Eternit tiles, we are providing our customers with peace of mind over the quality of their clay tiles.

Marley Eternit Purple Blend Acme DC clay tile
Marley Eternit Acme SC Red Smooth clay tile

Here at Huw Bolderson, we supply the entire extensive range of clay tiles manufactured by Marley Eternit. They include:

Acme Double Camber
Creasing Tiles
Lincoln Clay Pantile
Melodie Clay Single Pantile
Ashdowne Handcrafted
Canterbury Handmade
Maxima Clay Rouble Roman
Acme Single Camber

Marley Eternit Melodie clay tile

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