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Here at Huw Bolderson Roofing Merchants, South Wales, we stock a comprehensive range of roofing accessories Cardiff.  We only stock quality accessories, therefore, you can be sure that your roofing project will be finished to the highest standards. Our roofing accessories range includes products from reputable and reliable manufacturers such as Easy Trim and British Lead, Filon and Hambleside Danelaw. So, if you are looking for roofing accessories in South Wales, look no further than Huw Bolderson Roofing Merchants.

In addition to the roofing accessories mentioned here we also stock a wide range of other accessories here at our yard in South Wales. Why not visit us to view the entire range for yourself?

Rolled Lead

Huw Bolderson Roofing Merchants stock Lead Sheet from manufacturer British Lead.  British Lead rolled lead sheet is manufactured in the UK to the highest specification.

Lead sheet provides durable protection and is suitable for a range of roofing applications. British Lead rolled sheet has a predetermined thickness, therefore you can be sure of consistency throughout the roll. This is achieved by a computer controlled process, ensuring consistent thickness throughout the sheet. In addition, British Lead rolled lead sheet exceeds the BS EN 12588 certification.

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BLM Rolled Lead
Filon V-Flow Valley Troughs

Hambleside Danelaw Traditional Bonding Gutter

Hambleside Danelaw traditional Bonding Gutter® is an excellent choice to achieve a weather-tight joint between variations of roof coverings of terraced and semi-detached houses. Advantages include the fact that it causes minimum disruption to the neighbouring properties.  Bonding Gutter® is manufactured from GRP and has the following the following benefits:

  • Time and cost-effective, compared to traditional lead installation
  • Semi-skilled fitting procedure
  • Lightweight
  • 30-year service life guarantee
  • Non-streaking and non-staining

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GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) Products

Filon V-Flow Valley Troughs

Huw Bolderson Roofing Merchants supply Filon V-Flow Valley Troughs. Manufactured from lead grey GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester). Filon V-Flow Troughs are an affordable alternative to traditional lead roof gutters. They are suitable for a variety of roofs. In addition, they are available in two options for either wet or dry fixing.

These GRP V-Flow Valley Troughs are considerably lighter than their lead counterparts and are supplied in useful three metre lengths. Furthermore, they are flexible and easy to cut

The range includes a wide range of profiles to accommodate all kinds of roof features and designs.

V-Flow valley troughs are manufactured in an ISO 9001 accredited process. They also carry BBA certification and are fire rated to BS 476 Part 3 – SAB & BS 476 Part 7 – Class 3.

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Filon V Flow Valley Trough roofing accessories

Dry fix Roofing: Easy Trim Verge U Range

Easy Trim Verge U Dry Verge

Simple to install and universal, Easy Trim Verge U achieves a tight and secure fit, therefore roof tiles and held firmly in place.  The innovative design is universal, meaning that left and right-handed units are no longer required. Easy Trim Verge U dry verge is suitable for use with any kind of tile and is easy to install.

  • Universal, so can be used on left and right verges
  • Creates a sealed verge preventing water penetrations and pest infestation
  • Manufactured from Polypropylene for excellent flexibility and UV stability
  • Available in four colours: Grey, Black, Terracotta and Brown

Easy Trim Ridge Caps

Easy Trim Half Round and Angled Ridge Caps are high quality, UV stable and incorporate unique Flap Cap Technology. Flexible flaps contour around the sides of the Easy Verge U system effectively creating a ‘sealed’ unit that prevents water penetration and infestation. They are available in four colours: grey, black, terracotta and brown.

Easy Trim Starter & End Caps

This unique starter unit includes a verge end closure and a blanking cap to ensure a secure high-quality finish. Suitable for use in both new build and refurbishment projects, the unit is UV stable and comes in a range of colours including grey, black, terracotta and brown.

Ridge Caps & Flap Cap Technology

These Easy Trim ridge caps are to be used in conjunction with Easy Trim Continuous Dry Verge

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Easy Trim Ridge F Dry Fix Ridge Kits

Easy Trim Ridge F Dry Fix Ridge Kits

6-metre dry ridge kit. High quality and manufactured to make installation quick and easy. Suitable for most tile profiles including slate, concrete and clay ridge tiles.

  • 6 metre ventilated ridge roll with pumped butyl for a quality seal
  • Universal ridge unions compatible with almost all ridge tiles
  • Super strength nylon “ratchet” clips give superior strength and durability
  • Motar free
  • Resistant to wind and water
  • Vapour permeable
  • Easy installation requires no special tools
  • Self-adhesive butyl strip provides a watertight seal and permanent bond
  • Maintenance packs and accessory packs available
  • High-quality stainless steel fixing packs to ensure durability and long service life
  • 20-year GUARANTEE on all components
Easy Ridge F

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