Concrete Roof Tiles Cardiff

For concrete roof tiles Cardiff, contact our experts. Here at Huw Bolderson, as well as selling a wide range of slate and clay tiles, we also specialise in the supply of an extensive range of concrete roofing tiles. Our range of concrete tiles includes tiles from manufacturers such as Sandtoft and Marley Eternit. As the leading roofing merchants in South Wales, we only stock the highest quality concrete roofing tiles from the most reputable manufacturers, so our customers can be sure of quality products every time.

Sandtoft Concrete Tiles

Sandtoft concrete tiles are manufactured to superior standards. At Sandtoft, they believe in working to a standard of quality and consistency that goes beyond the accepted industry standard. Therefore, we are proud to be suppliers of their high-quality concrete tiles. All Sandtoft concrete tiles are manufactured using acrylic polymer coatings, as a result they are stronger with longer-lasting colours.

We are stockists of various types of Sandtoft concrete tiles. For example we stock; Calderdale Edge, Lindum, Double Roman, Double Pantile and Standard Pattern. Each of these styles are continually updated to improve the quality, durability and design.

Sandtoft Double Roman
Sandtoft logo
Sandtoft Pantile

Concrete is the most common material used in the manufacture of roof tiles in Britain. Sandtoft is one of the country’s leading manufacturers. In fact, Sandtoft have added to concrete’s intrinsic benefits of durability and cost-effectiveness. This has been done through a programme of sustained investment to produce roof tiles of outstanding quality and appeal.

Marley Eternit Concrete Tiles

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Marley Eternit Concrete Tiles

Marley Eternit are the manufacturers of a wide range of high quality concrete tiles. These tiles range from smooth clean simple lap, to rougher mock-bond tiles.  The following list covers all the Marley Eternit concrete tiles that we stock at Huw Bolderson.

  • Moderns
  • Ludlow Major
  • Ludlow Plus
  • Mendip
  • Double Roman

Marley Eternit tiles are manufactured with the highest quality materials. Additionally, each concrete tile achieves an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide Specification. Furthermore, they are created using a functional design so that they are ideal for any roof type.

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