Roofing Battens Cardiff

For roofing battens Cardiff, contact Huw Bolderson. When constructing a traditional style roof for a property, roofing battens are fixed to the roof structure. The tiles and slates that sit on top of the roof are attached to the battens. They help to maintain the structure of the roof and allow the tiles to lay in straight formation on the roof. Due to their strength, they also provide a good anchor for any nails that are used to secure the tiles.

Battens are typically made of timber as it is a strong, natural and dense material. However, battens can also be made from plastic.

Traditional Roofing Battens

The first full pre-graded roofing batten available to the roofing industry. This means there is no need to grade the battens on site thus saving time for the roofing contractor. As always, our battens meet the performance requirements of BS 5534:2003+A1:2010. These were developed following extensive work and carried out with the BRE (Building Research Establishment).

John Brash red roofing battens
red roofing battens

Our High- Specification Battens

  • Graded to the performance requirements of BS 5534: 2003 + A1:2010.
  • Bespoke, made to order.

Bespoke Specialty Battens

We also provide specially profiled battens for all types of roofing applications. Various profiles are available to customers, these include the following.

  • Angle Fillet
  • Feather-edge and Firrings
  • Tilting Battens
  • Timber Curb
  • Fascia
  • Lead Roll
  • Zinc Roll

Full Graded Timber Carcassing

We can supply both treated and untreated fully grade timber carcassing graded to C16/C24. Timbers are available in a fine sawn finish, both clean and treated Osmose Nature-wood. This can be done to either usage class 2 or 3. These timbers can be used for rafter repairs or for joists with timber decking. We supply a wide range of carcassing timber to suit your needs.

Batten Suppliers in South Wales

Here at Huw Bolderson Roofing Merchants, in South Wales we supply a range of roofing battens and we are proud suppliers of John Brash battens. John Brash is the UK’s leading manufacturer of roofing battens, shingles and shakes, scaffold boards and commercial anti-slip decking.

The quality of John Brash battens is second to none. Quality control is a top priority and they have Europe’s only dedicated roofing batten scanning line. This includes, a computer controlled dedicated laser and camera grading line. These components allow battens to be produced that meet the performance requirements of BS 5334:2003+A1 2010. All other batten suppliers in the UK market rely only on visual grading. All timbers used for the manufacture of battens are legally and sustainably sourced. Furthermore, as John Brash are members of the Timber Trade Federation, they support the Responsible Purchasing Scheme.

Here at Huw Bolderson, we provide bespoke timbers, made to your required size. This includes batten sizes that are infrequently used, often needed when matching with existing timber battens or when used over wide rafter centres.

Counter battens include both large and small sections battens. This means there is no need to grade the battens on site, therefore saving time for the roofing contractor. We can supply timber accurately to sizes as small as 6×25 up to 13×50. However, these are only available in 3-metre lengths from stock, although, other lengths can be supplied to order. For more information on our roofing battens Cardiff and roofing accessories, contact us on 01443 407774

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